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The Ultimate Career Builder

“The Hidden Step on the Ladder of Success.”
A practical new system.

The problem with being a great employee...

...is that you become indispensable. Your company can't promote you because it would cause them too much pain.

No one else can do your job, so you’re stuck!

We help you get promoted.

“Knowledge is power.”

Mike Hayden’s Ultimate Career Builder packages your knowledge into the power you need for promotion.

It helps you painlessly document the real-world, frontline processes and procedures you use to get your company the excellent results they've come to expect from you. 

Your documentation effectively becomes a training manual that accelerates new hires toward competence and mastery and frees you up to be promoted.


Certified by Rocket
Science Administration

You will have solved your own big problem by solving a gigantic one for your company.

They’re going to be impressed by your deep, clear knowledge. Our Ultimate Career Builder will see to that. Your company will value the documentation you give them more than you can imagine.

They’re going to see you’re ready for a bigger job.

Don’t worry that you will have made yourself “replaceable.” Companies can’t afford to lose people like you. Making yourself replaceable is the first step to getting promoted.

Ultimate Career Builder is just one of 13 interactive tools in Mike Hayden’s Knowledge is Power Series.

We help you get promoted and make your company run much smoother.

Why I wrote The Ultimate Career Builder

“The Hidden Step on the Ladder of Success.”

About 1984, I began documenting a SYSTEM my employees could use to promote themselves in my high-tech Silicon Valley businesses.

Mike Hayden Mike Hayden,

After all, IF you create a SYSTEM that helps employees make themselves promotable... they don't need to rely on “hope,” favoritism, company politics, or impassioned “evaluations.” In fact, their position contract requires them to use this system to make themselves promotable.

Now, my system is available to you. It's called The Ultimate Career Builder (UCB) available now in paperback and workshop format.

Who should own The Ultimate Career Builder?

It's for:

Entrepreneurs CEOs
VPs Directors
Managers Employees
Business Owners Self-Employed
Consultants Your Team

But wait... UCB is not for Everyone.

It’s specifically for innovative executives and staffers who adopt new ideas early (less than 15% of the work force).

Those who actually apply UCB’s proprietary system appreciate its step-by-step process. It helps you build your career & business from the inside-out.

UCB is your handbook for lifetime career management -- regardless of your job, title, or company. It's for you, if you're a pacesetter in product leadership, operational excellence, or customer intimacy.

Got discipline?

Call me nuts!

Do not buy The Ultimate Career Builder if you’re inclined to settle for a go-nowhere job or a blind-alley company! (You'll be wasting your money unless you follow my step-by-step action.)

But, if you’re inclined to turn your job into a valuable opportunity for yourself and others - if you're inclined to build your own career and company to help others - then UCB will accelerate your progress step-by-step.

Just harness your high intention with sufficient effort to succeed.

Proof: "... this is easy!"

Kathy Gillen

"Wow -- I'm impressed!... The workbook checklist... is worth the price alone!...

"I've coached executives and entrepreneurs for many years and this is easy...

"... I know many people who would never have been laid off if they'd had this program in place -- I encourage my clients to use it as they plan their next promotion.

"Your overview and illustrations make a complex process understandable.

"The "Objectives Questionnaire" makes it simple to stay focused.

"I struggled for years to put a process in place -- you broke it into bite-size pieces! ... [I] know the next steps to take.

[...] extremely valuable book for both executives and entrepreneurs!"

-- Kathy Gillen, Management Consultant

How I proved that UCB works

You can test and prove every step of this proprietary system for yourself - as I did in scores of Silicon Valley companies, big and small:

Mike! Why is UCB certified by The Rocket Science Administration (RSA)

The Rocket Science Administration certified The Ultimate Career Builder because it passed the detailed review by RSA’s Administration Panel in the following areas for:

Thus, the Ultimate Career Builder is unique because it has been certified by the Rocket Science Administration, which certifies that business-training materials apply to current business environments.

Typically, business-training materials stress theories that fail to give you a step-by-step system you can use today to improve how you and your company do business.

RSA Certification assures you that The Ultimate Career Builder system holds to the same level of standards as the Space Program. Thus, you get a career-management system that’ll work for you the first time, every time.

What is UCB?

The Ultimate Career Builder is a proven, 7-step system of "Survival Techniques for the Hairiest Jobs on Earth." It’s a 7x9 soft cover book, 136 pages, with step-by-step workbook, fully indexed.

You will profit from UCB repeatedly as you grow from one position or company to the next, and the next, and the next…

Hey, it’s your career!

Proof: "I recommend it
to my clients."


Certified by Rocket
Science Administration

Kathy Condon

"Dear Mike,

Years ago, I was hired as an Executive Director... EVERYTHING was in disarray ... no processes in place and no one to ask. It took me years of hard work to make it work.

"If only I had your Workbook because it would have accelerated my success.

"You give insight into career challenges... practical ways [to] profit today and for years to come... I recommend it to my clients.

"... an amazing "How-to Manual" that is easy to follow and provides the "why" various components are important ... a well thought out book."

-- Kathy Condon, Executive Coach & Career Facilitator, International Speaker and Corporate Trainer. www.kathycondon.info

What The Ultimate Career Builder is Not

What does UCB cost?

$49.95. When you order UCB for your organization, you'll receive Volume Discounts from 15% to 55%. (Call number below for details.)

Optional Ultimate Career Builder Master Course $495 per student: Two full days of applying UCB techniques in your career, min 10 students. (Call number below for details.)

The Downside?

The Ultimate Career Builder is a WORKbook. Your "work" will be easy, but it will require your discipline to keep going to get all the easy work done. Yes, the work is that important. It's your career, remember?

Free Bonus #1 With Your Order Today

Profitable Venture Tactics eZine (Value $197/year)

Your Profitable Venture Tactics eZine is emailed to you with information, strategies, and techniques you can use immediately to help you advance your career, free up your time, and increase your income! Cancel any time (but why?).

Free Bonus #2 With Your UCB Pluss Order Today

Potent Organizational Strategies. (Value $47)

For most hardworking employees, getting organized and staying that way is often their biggest challenge.

And you know getting organized can be very frustrating. You work hard...

But, if you're not organized you simply can't compete in today's dynamic markets.

Potent Org Strategies

Once I finally learned and applied these organizational strategies, I had a stable career platform.

Without a stable platform, it's a struggle to succeed in fast-changing markets. Your success depends on being better organized than your competition.

Potent Organizational Strategies gives you various ways to design your organization, whether huge, modest, or tiny. You'll master little-known strategies that give you that extra insight so you stand out.

This Special Report shows you how to use your own goals to streamline your organizational structure. This will intensify your success.

It is 100% compatible with The Ultimate Career Builder. To make it extra clear for you, it includes numerous Org Charts, tables, and examples. You will gain a solid understanding of organizational skills so you can streamline achievement of your career goals. You'll discover:

Why you need strategy-driven approaches to your organization structure.

How and when you should design functional organizations.

How you can focus skills in larger functional hierarchies.

When flat organizations are most effective.

How to manage horizontal (flat) organizations of teams.

When you should use small company structures to minimize management layers.

How to map out your advantages and disadvantages of matrix organizations.

The important difference between lightweight and heavyweight matrix organizations.

How to evaluate your tradeoffs between functional hierarchies and project teams.

Oh yes, I wrote this entire Report in plain, easy to understand English. So easy, I've done all the work for you.

Free Bonus #3 With Your UCB Plus Order Today

Why your Boss is Programmed to be a Dictator

Boss Dictator There’s a hidden factor that influences how we behave. That hidden factor is the System of which we are a part. Bosses don’t grab power or go around waving guns at subordinates’ heads. How do they become dictators? Why do you experience fear and a lack of freedom? Your behavior is affected by the System in which you live and work. How to change the System for a more productive and successful company, and a more successful and healthier you.


My Personal
"Happy Camper" Guarantee!
12 full months to test-drive my program.
The Ultimate Career Builder must be the best system ever for transforming your career into hot opportunities or I'll give your money back! Guarantee Seal

I am 100% confident that if you follow my 7 Steps and use all the tools, tactics, and tips I share with you, you'll become recognized as an expert, free up your time, increase your income, earn promotions, and build your career!

So, if "The Ultimate Career Builder" package isn't everything you were expecting, and all my guidance and techniques don't produce the results you were looking for, just tell me you want a prompt refund within one full year of your purchase.

No reason needed. No questions asked.

Mike Hayden

That's my promise.

Signed MH

Mike Hayden, Author

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The Ultimate Career Builder: 136 pgs, 7"x9" paperback, with Progress Workbook, full index, sample forms & checklists. Shipping is FREE by Priority Mail.

(Price $49.95)


Profitable Venture Tactics Newsletter. Web-based business technology. Print & file for future reference.

(Value $197/year)

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Boss Dictator

Why your BOSS is Programmed to be a DICTATOR: 44 pgs, printable eBook, designed for easy Acrobat reading.

(Value $25)

Potent Organizational Strategies

Potent Organizational Strategies 22 pgs, 8.5"x11", printable eBook, diagrams of strategies & org charts. Immediate download upon your order.

(Value $47.00)

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Proof: "This book reads itself!
... a tremendous time-saver."

Noel Rodrique

"Mike, my first reaction to your book was a realization that you had captured my attention completely. Something not everyone can manage to do.

This book reads itself!

"Using conversations throughout was a stroke of genius! ... having a [template] to work from is a tremendous time-saver.

"... I have been there ... your experiences resonated strongly with my memories of past positions!

"The concept and the approach to put it to work are simple, effective and easy to implement. ... I'd [recommend] this system ... before the first employee shows up! [...] "

-- Noel Rodrigue, Consultant / Freelance Writer